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Members of the Salzburg College staff have worked with American students for many years. They provide the planning and the support system for your study abroad experience. They want you to have a wonderful and rewarding “time of your life”.

Phoebe Mayer

As Managing Director, Phoebe Mayer plans and coordinates all practical aspects of the Salzburg College programs. She works closely with Salzburg College partners and affiliates to ascertain a study abroad experience that meets your individual needs and expectations.

Phoebe Mayer holds an MA and an MBA from the University of Salzburg and previously worked in academic and tourism management. As an Austrian and American citizen who was educated on both continents, Phoebe Mayer is well prepared to support you in your new cultural environment.

Birgit Breninger

As the Academic Director, Birgit Breninger is charge of all academics here at Salzburg College. Dr. Breninger has created several innovative degree programs with an increased academic rigor within the cross-disciplinary context of Intercultural Studies. She has been the driving academic force behind curriculum expansion here at Salzburg College. She is also a strong believer in a holistic approach to education, which features interdisciplinary collaboration on all levels. Her increased emphasis on the core competencies “achievement – self-initiative – responsibility” within the intercultural context in all our programs ensures that our graduates are fit for the future global workplace.

Dr. Breninger holds an MA in Communication as well as English and American Studies from the University of Salzburg, an MA in Race and Gender from Oxford Brookes University, and a PhD in English and American Studies with an emphasis in Cultural Studies and Gender from the University of Salzburg.

Konrad Holleis

As Director of Study Abroad Programs, Konrad Holleis works closely with faculty and students to establish a personalized academic program that fits your individual needs. You can count on him as your academic and personal advisor throughout your semester in Salzburg.

Konrad Holleis holds an MA in English & American Studies and German from the University of Vienna.  He spent a year as a graduate student and Fulbright FLTA teaching assistant at the University of Oregon as well as a year as a teaching assistant in Paris, France. He is also certified as a Trainer in Adult Education.

Thomas Kaltenbacher

Our Director of Research, Thomas Kaltenbacher, plays a central role in forming the vision, shaping directions of change and in designing and delivering the research strategy of the InterCultural Center here at Salzburg College.

As a key member he takes on a crucial role within the ICC by managing all research areas in addition to serving as the Clinical Director of the Salzburg Speech Clinic as well as the Director of the Salzburg Institute for Reading Research.

Dr. Kaltenbacher holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics (Psycho- Neuro- and Clinical Linguistics) and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Salzburg as well as a Diploma of Advanced Studies from Oxford Brookes University.

Vanessa Oberauner

As Outreach Officer, Vanessa Oberauner serves as the first point of contact in all matters regarding studying at Salzburg College. Having gained firsthand experience as a student in Austria, the US and England, Vanessa is happy to competently answer any questions future students and partner universities have about studying at Salzburg College.

Vanessa holds a MA in German as well as English and American Studies from the University of Vienna. She studied abroad at the University of Nottingham.

Iris Kiederer

As Office Assistant, Iris Kiederer works "behind the scenes" to ensure that all administrative aspects of the Salzburg College programs are tended to. She also assists in planning and coordinating all practical aspects of the Salzburg College programs.

Iris Kiederer was raised and educated in Austria. She holds a Diploma in Pedagogics and previously worked in education and mentoring.


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