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Local Excursions

Salzkammergut trip

A fun and incredibly picturesque excursion to the famous lake and mountain district near Salzburg.


Our day trip takes us to the medieval city center of Nuremberg as well as the Nazi Ralley Grounds and Nuremberg Trial of Justice.

Upper Austria trip

This all-day trip to parts of the lake and mountain district near Salzburg:

  • to Mondsee and its "Sound-of-music wedding church", St. Florian, one of the great Austrian baroque monasteries and a veritable princely abbey in a spectacular location,
  • the Mauthausen Concentration Camp which is the central and largest of the Austrian concentration camps from the time when Austria was part of Nazi Germany,
  • and Hallstatt, a lovely town on a lake surrounded by steep mountains and the center of the oldest civilization in this part of the world.

Cultural field trips

Typical weekly afternoon field trips would include:

  • The Old City
  • Hellbrunn Palace and Water Games
  • Salzburg Fortress
  • Salzburg Museum and Panorama
  • ORF - the national broadcasting station

...as well as other places of interest in and around Salzburg.

Course-related field trips

Field trips and other events are regularly scheduled in connection with individual courses, such as

  • visits to companies and professional organizations for business and PR students,
  • concerts and opera performances for music history,
  • museum visits and walking tours for art history,
  • etc.

On organized field trips: travel expenses, entrance fees for course-related excursions, and accommodations are all included in the Salzburg College program fee.

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