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Study at Salzburg College, Austria -
A Unique Opportunity

Study at Salzburg College, Austria - <br />A Unique Opportunity

Your study experience in Austria can become the most memorable time of your life. Here is an introduction to our study abroad programs, our program offerings for graduate students and our new undergraduate programs, to the faculty and staff, travel opportunities, and to the rewards of living in Austria.

Salzburg College offers you academic programs tailored to your needs, with small classes and dedicated professors who encourage you to integrate your personal experience into your course work. Make Salzburg, Austria, and Europe your classroom!

Join us at Salzburg College!



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Student Voices

E. E., Seattle University

I enjoyed my time in Salzburg more than I ever thought imaginable. Staying with a host family was absolutely wonderful and going to a smaller school where I had such close contact with my teachers and the staff was an amazing experience. After living here for 2 semesters, I cannot imagine going "home" - Salzburg is my home.

E. E., Seattle University

L. C., Vanderbuilt University

All of the teachers were wonderful, the classes taught me a lot. Language learning was way better than taking classes in the US. I had great cultural exposure thanks to my host family. Being in the center of the musical universe has been terrific.

L. C., Vanderbuilt University

M. T., Illinois State University

Salzburg College changed my life. No matter how you try to explain the experience, it will never come out exactly how you feel. This experience put everything into perspective. I would not be who I am today if I had not studied here at Salzburg College.

M. T., Illinois State University

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